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The Au-pair Society e.V. (established law) is the national federation for au-pair agencies, host families and Au-Pairs in Germany and has been established for over ten years.
Members of the organization have been in the business of placing and taking au-pairs for many years and are committed to highest quality standards. The member agencies of the Au-pair Society e.V. work together in a nationwide network and support each other in many different fields.
It is an accredited, non-profit organization, which aims at making the name of au-pairs a better one not only in Germany but in all countries in the European Union with the help and collaboration of partners from all over the world.
The organization deputizes the Federal Republic of Germany not only as a member of ECAPS, the European Committee for Au Pair Standards whose goal is to define and intromit European-wide quality standards for the au-pair programme, but also of the IAPA (International Au Pair Association). The chairwoman of the Au-pair Society e.V. was elected in 2010 to join the board of directors of the IAPA.
Furthermore, the board of the Au-pair Society e.V. took part in development of new quality standards for a RAL label initiated by the Federal Government and is also a supporting member of the RAL quality assurance association.
Due to the confusing opulence of national/ international agencies and Internet placements, the Au-pair Society e.V. offers orientation aid for host families, au-pairs and agencies alike, who can all benefit from Au-pair Society’s e.V. achievement in quality.


The federation itself does not conduct placements.

Please contact one of our partner agencies directly, you can find them in the links found in the agency search (Agentursuche) field or you can fill out the contact-us form for au-pairs/host families. An agency in your area will contact you shortly thereafter.

Play it safe, always turn to a recognized au-pair agency for an au-pair placement. You can recognize any member of the Au-pair Society e.V. with the help of this logo:

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